Thank you for your interest in the GRS-Codes!

This is a roadmap how to apply for  a GRS code, you have to act in accordance with the process describedbelow:

First Step:

In order to start the licensing process, could you please send an official request to Mr. Abdelaziz Lazaar the export control manager of GRS (please send a copy of your request to code-transfer(at)

Abdelaziz Lazaar
Export Control Manager
Gesellschaft fuer Anlagen- und Reaktorsicherheit gGmbh
Law and Compliance Department
Boltzmann Str. 14 
85748 Garching

 The following information is in your request needed:

  • a short description of the intended use of the code,
  • references to co-operations with GRS - if applicable,
  • do you already have some knowledge regarding the use of the requested codes?  - Please let us know.
  • official contact information: Name, company address, phone-no., e-mail, etc.
  • company profile (pdf).

Second step:

Some of  GRS computer codes (e.g. COCOSYS, ATHLET, ATHLET-CD,  AC²…) are classified under export control law, we have to apply for an Export License at the Federal Office for Economic Affairs and Export Control (BAFA) in Germany. Here we will need an End-Use-Certificate (EUC) or an Importer Statement on End-User and End-Use of the requested codes or both documents.

On receipt of your request, we will send you the End Use Certificate (EUC) draft.

Third step:

Sign the documents needed for the code transfer:

  • Software License Agreement for all codes
  • Annex 1 Description of the DP programs (code certificates)
  • Annex 2 Licence terms of third-party software
  • Annex 3 Declaration of exemption (only for commercial use)
  • Annex 4 Arbitration Agreement
  • Training or Service/Support contract (for this matter, we will send you an offer in a separate e-mail)

We will send you all these documents when we receive your official request.

    Once the licencing process is successfully completed, you will be informed that the code is available for download from the User Area.

    The GRS User Area is restricted to registered program users. Access requires a valid authorization. Usually, one user ID is provided for each organization, derived from their internet address (e.g. In addition, one email address per company is required to which updates in the User Area will be automatically sent. This might be the email address of a member of staff (who should forward the emails to the colleagues) or a dedicated address from where incoming mail is automatically forwarded to the code users within the organization.

    In case of any questions regarding the code transfer, please contact code-transfer(at)