ATHLET Training Opportunities

The ATHLET code is not one that can be efficiently used without any assistance. Thus, interactions with and mentoring by experienced code users are needed to develop a working knowledge of the code and ensure its proper application. Therefore we strongly recommend that new users of the code participate in a training course.

Training can be obtained from GRS staff through participation in an training course. These courses can be targeted to new or experienced users, and to general or specific applications. Typically trainees from different organizations participate in courses that are held in GRS Garching. Virtual and on-site trainings at the user's organization are possible. The costs depend on the length of the course and the specific training topics to be covered.

The objective of the introductory course in the application of the ATHLET code is to provide new users with the capability to start developing an input model for their facility. This introductory training is offered as a one-week class. In this course, the basic physical models in the code are described. Practical exercises teach the code input needed for the various ATHLET components and introduce the pre- and postprocessing tools for visualization. Courses for intermediate and advanced users can be provided upon request.

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