Transition from Static Library-Linking to DLL-Plugins

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A. Langenfeld
Transition from Static Library-Linking to DLL-Plugins

Dear Users,

as annonced with the AHTLET-3.1A Release, the next step in the devlopment of our software is the transition from linking extensions with the static library to the new already available plugin methode. The purpose of this topic is therefore to collect some information regarding the use of extensions depending on ATHLET and help you getting your extensions working.

  • A description of the new features can be found in the Programmer_Manual.pdf (chap. 4.4 ATHLET Plugins) of ATHLET_3.1A.
  • Samples of plugins and athlet-controllers are available after installation under: 
  • The module gcsm_plugin as well as the included header-file athlet_plugin.fpp are part of the installation example.
  • Sufficient knowledge of the programming language and compiling methods chosen for implementing the user extension are required. Curently available :
    • Fortran
    • C or any compatible (C++, Pascal, etc.)
    • Python

You can contact us through this forum or using for more sensible topics.

Please tell us shortly:

  • What is the name and purpose of the extension ?
  • Which ATHLET-Version are you using ?
  • Have you already tried to create a .dll with your extension ?

We would like you to take into account that the static linking will not be supported any more after the next ATHLET-Release.

Best regards,

The ATHLET Developper's Team