Get ASCII file from .pd file command

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András Keresztú...
Get ASCII file from .pd file command

Dear ATHLET Forum,

We would like to generate a lot of ATHLET output files. Is there any option to get only some of the paramters in an ASCII type file? 

We would be happy with an other option, if we can get those paramters from the .pd files. We need a solution for this other than the Pick and convert plot data program (which is available from the GUI), becouse we would like to handle the files with a code.

In the User Manual 6.4 Generation of Main Edits from Plot Header and Plot Data there is the prplot command, which can do something we want, but we don't know how to use it, or where to find it. Any suggestions on that?

Thanks in advance,
András Keresztúri and Bálint Batki

A. Langenfeld

Dear András, Dear Bálint,

There are two ways to get such information out of a .pd-file.

You can use the Windows-GUI > utilities > Browse Plot Data to pick up some variables assuming that you know their attributed number (position).
To get the attributed number of any variable, you can use Windows-GUI > utilities > Plot Variable by Quickplot and select "By Description". The number will appear just above this field.
If you have some problems with the GUI, please refer to the button "Help", where each tool is described.

However, because you want to process a lot of files and maybe loop the whole thing, I will send to you per Email an GRS-intern Python 2.7 Script which does what you need.
This one picks up a list of selected variables (per name) out of one or many .pd and writes an ASCII-File as:

Number_of_column VAR1 VAR2 VAR3 etc....

You will find a README attached to my email.

Let us know, if you need anything more!

Best regards,


András Keresztú...

Dear ATHLET Team,

Thank you for your kind answer and for the script you will sent us. Until that we found a temporary solution. Under Linux there is the browsbin file, which can get data out of the .pd files. There are some annoying built in absoule paths, but we could manage to copy folders and files to the requested places.

In the future we would like to use Windows, thus we highly appriciate your help with the script for that OS. Could you send that script for both of us? and

Best regards,
András and Bálint

A. Langenfeld

Dear András, Dear Bálint,

I am glad, that our script worked for your purpose !

Best regards,